Another year is flying by, the summer chapter of this year to shortly end. Let’s look ahead at what to expect for the rest of the year in our world and the relation with promotional products.

Soon, class will be in session. Schools are offering a mix of classes for students to attend, some continue to be online but others will be in person. Businesses are in a similar boat. While many people have already gone back to work in person, others still have been waiting and will be going back into the office in the coming months. Here are some ideas to make that experience of stepping back in the office or classroom more welcoming. There are some businesses that will embrace the work from home lifestyle and these ideas are still relevant, to provide comfort at our home offices.

                Let’s get setup!

Our place of work, our desk, it’s our zone. Your desk could be many different things right now. For some, it’s a cozy cubicle, or a table at the school library. To others, it could be their kitchen table, or the coffee table in their living room.

If you’re in the office, you may come across the scenario where you must choose a mug for your tea, coffee, or choose a glass for your water. It feels a lot better, now more than ever to have drinkware that is just for you. Here are a couple pictures of bottles personalized to me.


You might be getting some face time with your coworkers. They may come by your desk to chat, maybe they have a cup of coffee with them, and they plant it down while you two go over a project. When they head back to their desk, they leave a trace… The dreadful coffee stain!

    Let convert this coffee stain into a beautiful coaster…

Your desk needs to be a place that you are happy to be at for the workday. There are many ways to liven up your workspace, keep it earthy with sustainable options or with the wood grain aesthetic.

Sustainable and stylish pens

Woodgrain mouse

Count the tree rings of this speaker

Or make it literally lively with a grow kit, that fits on your desk in the home or office.


If you want some more ideas hand picked for the school environment but also cross over to the office, check out our Post-Secondary Catalog

As we Fall into Winter, our priorities shift from keeping cool and staying outdoors to staying warm and keeping indoors. We can help bring that to reality with a comfy pair of socks or a snug toque, and anything in between.

Or wrap yourself up like a present with a comfy blanket!

It may seem like it is too early to start thinking about the Winter Holidays and Christmas, but while we need more time to figure what we are getting for family members, here are some classic Holiday comforts that never go out of style. Advent calendars, Holiday coloring book and of course, chocolate!

Stay tuned for our winter and holiday catalog that is currently being developed for more ideas!

That was a look at some ideas, familiar and new for how to tackle your promo as we make our way through the rest of 2021. Do you like anything you see here or want some more ideas tailored just to you and your brand? Send us an email at and thanks for reading!

— Dylan Muss