Outfitting your team with company logo’d clothing helps build your brand both by how the customer perceives your company and how your employees feel about where they work.

Imagine you have someone come to your home to provide a service. As they approach your door you see they’re wearing a shirt that has their company’s name on it. You immediately are able to recognize this is a representative from the company you’ve called. They walk in, sit down, and pull out documents from a messenger bag also branded with the company logo. You’re impressed with their appearance. From first impressions to final delivery, that company’s brand is building familiarity and trust with you.

Think of how the company’s representative feels. You’ve outfitted them in a uniform that they feel good wearing and feel proud to represent your company. Look good, feel good, perform good. It doesn’t take much to make a big impact on your staff. With a simple embroidered hat or even a custom printed T-shirt, you can make your stuff look professional and have them feel great about representing your brand. If you decide to gift your staff branded clothing, like a custom company jacket, they will love it and you’ll gain a higher degree of brand-love from your staff.

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