If you want the best customer gift ideas, or if you’re looking for awesome employee gift ideas, we’re sharing six ideas that will make your company brand memorable and leave them feeling grateful and appreciated.

Your purpose in giving a gift may be to give people something they’ll love and remember. When carefully selected, custom branded products are gifts they’ll love to receive, they’ll keep and use, and they’ll remember YOU because they’re branded with your information.

When you give your branded gift to a client, you’re saying thank you (for doing business with me). You will stand out because it’s not a generic gift you can buy anywhere and, most importantly, they will always have this tangible gift to remember you by. Thus, building a deeper connection to your brand.

The value of giving a branded gift to your staff is like when you received that blue participation ribbon at your school’s sports day. The gift you give may be a small gesture, but your employees will definitely feel appreciated and the long-lasting memory of that gift fosters endearing feelings towards your company.


Our Top Three Client Gift Ideas:

Remember, these are general ideas to suit a variety of industries. It’s best to contact us so we can learn about your needs and tailor ideas specifically for you. You can also browse our idea page to see what other companies within your industry have done.

#1 Thank a Group of People – 2 lb. Custom Chocolate Bar

This big bar gives big impact for your brand because you can thank everyone in an office with one gift. It comes with a hammer and makes it interactive as people share the fun as they smash away pieces of chocolate to enjoy.

#2 Trunk Organizer – Super Handy and the Perfect Costco Helper

The perfect Costco shopper. Folds flat for storage and opens so you can pack your groceries from the store, to your vehicle, right into your home. This is consistently our most requested gift item.

#3 Bottles and Tumblers – Gifts That Fit Their Lifestyle

Fit your branding into their lifestyle by giving them something they’ll use. These custom GSI desk tumblers are perfect for any office desk. Think of how often you drink from a bottle or tumbler every day and see how perfect positioning it is to have your own company branded drinkware.



Here are the top three ideas for employee gifts:

Remember, these are general ideas to suit a variety of industries. It’s best to contact us so we can learn about your needs so that we can tailor ideas specifically for you.

#1 Toques with Custom Woven Labels – For that Subtle High-End Look

A simple and easy recognition gift. For $5-$15 you can give your staff a cool toque branded with a woven label. The label makes it look like it’s fresh off the shelf of a high-end store.

#2 Cool Custom Socks – Get a WOW Factor and Unify Your Team

Imagine the fun they’ll have with custom woven socks that’ll bring a boost of energy to the office environment.

#3 Custom Backpacks/Messengers/Duffels – Give’em Gear They’ll Use

Have your staff carry around your brand to client meetings and while in transit. Bags are the perfect accessory that they’ll use daily. They’ll look and feel professional.


For more ideas, we’re available to you for consultations.