Top three ways to brand your company this year

How do you successfully brand your company? How can you cut through the bombardment of marketing media messages that a person receives daily so that they see, know, and remember your company’s brand and message? With smart positioning and selecting the right marketing medium, your brand can stand out in a way no other marketing can do.

Consider a branded product. That’s right, a product that has your brand and/or message printed, stitched, or otherwise displayed on the item.

Why branded products deliver smart brand positioning:

1. You give the branded item specifically to your target market (prospective customers, existing customers, employees, stake holders, etc.)

2. It’s a gift, so they say, “thank you”. When’s another time someone says “thank you” for advertising to them?

3. You’ve carefully selected a custom branded item that people (1) want to receive, and (2) will use

4. Because the product is desired and used, each time they use the item, they see your branding

5. Branded products don’t get turned off, can’t be stopped with an ad-blocker, and can’t be scrolled over. They’re always present, always visible, always reinforcing your brand and brand message.

Here are our top picks for the most effective way to brand and market your company:

1. Keep Customers Comign Back = Trunk Organizer/Storage Box (aka The Costco helper)

One of the most useful branded gifts you can give is a trunk organizer or folding storage box. People put these in their vehicle, carry groceries inside the home, or keep their closet organized.

How much would you spend on a gift for a customer? How much would you spend to keep this customer thinking about your brand, seeing your logo, and using your company?

How about $10?

That’s what a branded organizer like these goes for. You don’t give these to everyone. These would be gifts for good clients. But for $10 bucks you’re going to wow your client. It’s a simple item that people say is so very useful.

2. Invest in Your Employees

Would you spend $5 per employee to give them a piece of company branded clothing that makes them feel like a valued team member? It tells them: you’re part of the team, you belong, you’re one of us – these are all the emotions you’re fostering within your team by giving them branded clothing.

Custom woven or custom printed socks have replaced t-shirts as our go-to clothing item. The best use for customized socks are for a company to give internally to their employees.

It’s about creating some energy and having some fun. These socks can be a morale booster and even worn a badge of pride to work for your company.

Whatever you do, don’t just slap your logo on these. Invest in your artwork. Find the right mix of colours and work it into a pattern. Or go with a theme – make them superhero socks themed to your company mascot. You can even tie into the holidays – think lumberjack plaid Christmas socks.

3. Give a Pen That People LIKE to Write With = PaperMate Inkjoy

Many companies give out pens. Most of them are nice but there’s nothing grippingly different about them. The pen that people will use is the one that writes the nicest. Our top pick for pens is the PaperMate Inkjoy retractable pen (IJ300RT and IJ300RTW). It can be customized with your logo and/or design. It’s a gel pen and is beautiful to write with. It’s a pen that looks good and writes nice. For those reasons people will hold onto and use this pen above all others. What’s more, it’s a $0.60 – $0.90 pen depending on your quantity.

Reach out to us to get started on any of these ideas to start building your brand.