Do your customers trust you enough to buy from you? Do they know who you are, do they recognize your brand, and is your brand familiar enough? In other words, have they seen your brand enough to trust and have confidence in you? It’s said that people need to see your brand anywhere from 10-20 times in order to develop that trust. If your target market is millennials, this is even truer.

How do you make 10-20 brand impressions in the mind of your customer? Enter the concept of branding and the many advertising options available to you. A brand impression has been made each time you see an advertisement, whether that be on TV, on Facebook, or on that promotional product. This impression usually happens subconsciously when your mind makes a little mental picture of that brand you just saw. Each time you continue to see that brand’s ad more impressions are made until a time when your brand becomes repeatedly seen and is now familiar in the mind of your customer.

Branded products, aka promotional products, SWAG, or merch offer a unique advertising option to get you a perpetual amount of brand impressions. Most other forms of advertising don’t physically exist. That TV ad and all those banner ads you see on social media disappear once they’ve been shown and when you click elsewhere. When you use a branded product think of the value you get when people actually want to receive that item you’re giving out. They say things like, “Thank You”, for that lovely branded gift you just gave them.

If it’s a branded gift, like a desktop speaker, that speaker will be in your customer’s office with your branding shown… the advertisement is always ON. Subtly your customer sees your brand and becomes more familiar with you. Your brand is no longer foreign and enters into the realm of familiarity. The constant brand impressions develop a relationship with your brand and you end up with your customer liking your brand.

No magic. No tricks. It just comes down to selecting a branded product that will be used and held on to. Let the branded product do the work to make your brand present in your customer’s environment subtly reminding them about your brand and developing trust in your brand. #branding #marketing #brand #SWAG #promotionalproducts

Here are four ideas of where you can place your brand for maximum exposure:

1. Branding on their desk:

There is something about this smiley guy that people love. What you’ll love is how every time they use their phone they will see your branding.

2. Branding in their home:

Give this Bluetooth speaker as a gift to a good customer to use in their home. The whole family sees your branding and your brand is elevated to the status of household name.

3. Branding in their vehicle and on the commute:

Everyone you know probably has their beverage of choice so give them something to put that in. Select a nice tumbler that they’ll use every day so they see your brand… every day.

4. Branding on their personal possession:

The most prized spot for advertising is the phone. These phone wallets are what millenials love because it just needs to hold their driver’s license (if they have one), their transit card, and their payment card of choice. It’s slim and everything they need to get around. Your branding is what they think of each time they pickup their phone and reach for a card.

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