A reusable bag is not a new concept at all. What is relatively new is society’s awareness of where all of our one-time-use plastic bags go. Cue images of whale’s stomachs full of plastic and beaches littered with garbage. According to the Globe and Mail*, each Canadian uses an average of 200 bags a year. Depending on what city you reside in, you may already have a ban on plastic bags, or a ban on plastic may soon be a reality like in the Metro Vancouver region.

What can you as a business do to move people away from single use plastic bags? Ultimately the onus is on the consumer to carry and use a reusable bag for all purchases. However, as a business, you can help shift consumer behavior by using these strategies:

  1. Just don’t offer plastic bags at all. Post signs at your store so customers know that plastic bags are not available and to bring your own bag (BYOB).
  2. Have reusable bags available for purchase
  3. Just give reusable bags to your good customers as a goodwill gesture

The opportunity not immediately realized is that the bags you offer your customers should be custom printed with your branding. When you offer or give a branded bag, you’re helping shift consumer behaviors because now you’ve given the consumer a branded bag that remains in that person’s environment as a repetitive reminder about using the reusable bags. It also serves as a reminder of your company’s brand. Each time they use the bag, they see your branding and they think of you – an impression of your brand is made in their mind. The more they see your brand the more impressions are made. The more impressions made makes your brand more familiar, creates a greater liking of your brand, and they’re more likely to buy from you again.

Even if you don’t charge for the bags and just give good customers your reusable bag for free, they’re then carrying your bag around for everyone else in their world to see. That’s the value of a branded bag – it’s useful, it’s reusable, it’s branded to make your brand memorable. Contact us to design your very own branded bag.



Browse some reusabel custom branded bags from our Pinterest page:

Imagine what you can do to have your bags show what you do and show off your brand. See two examples below of bag designs that integrate a unique feature of what the advertising brand offers.