What would it be like if you could have your organization’s brand frequently seen in someone’s environment? If you gave a branded gift to your customer they’d be seeing your brand, thinking of you each time, and developing a stronger liking towards your brand. In other words, strengthening the relationship they have with your brand.

The key to achieving your brand being omnipresent in their environment is to give a branded gift that is USEFUL. Useful gifts get used and get your brand seen. We often see money put into a branded gift that is nice, but doesn’t really serve an immediate purpose. A braded gift should be selected carefully so that it’s something that people immediately love, keep around them, and use often. Each time you give that branded gift to say ‘thank you’, the reaction you see should be identical to children opening presents under the tree at Christmas.

Selecting a useful branded gift means to pick an item that will fit into the lifestyle of the recipient. You can’t necessarily personalize a gift to each individual person but you can make generalizations that fit nearly everyone.  Most people have a go-to water bottle and travel mug. You can give a quality drinkware gift that becomes their new go-to drinking vessel of choice. Most people enjoy music and a nice speaker will be placed on a desk or used in the home. Drones are extremely popular and can offer a fun experience for the family to get outside and have fun taking pictures. Most people are travelers to some extent and a backpack gets used on the commute, on the way to school, or on that road trip. Give a gift that gets used in a home like a blanket because we live in a colder climate and who doesn’t like curling up in a big warm blanket? All of these gifts have that cool factor to them and can immediately be used.

These are just a few gift suggestions and you can contact us for branded gift ideas customized to your specific purpose. Whenever you give a gift, choose higher quality over higher quantity and make it useful.


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