“Why the !Q#$% should we waste our time with a health and wellness program? It’s just a waste of money and manpower…” This may be a line you’ve heard from the antiquated top brass before. But the results of a health and wellness program in your company may halt those words from being uttered again.

Benefits of bringing in a corporate health and wellness program include:

  1. An employee retention rate of 94%, over the national average of 62%.
  2. $3.27 reduction in medical costs for every $1 spent
  3. A 28% reduction in sick leave

A proactive approach to employee health can make for a healthily workforce and healthy margins. Consider flipping through this catalog to get some ideas of the types of items you can give to your workforce to remind them about healthily living. All of these products are custom branded with your organization’s logo and message as a repetitive reminder. Contact us for a custom designed wellness program. #wellness #health #branding

Browse our flip catalogue: http://www.zoomcats.com/catalog/wellth-3