A home development company gave sunglasses to all of the tradespeople working on their homes. The glasses were given out on a summer day and if you were on the job site the next day, you would have seen every worker wearing these glossy glasses with company’s brand on one arm.

$2 per person was invested. This wasn’t going to sell more homes for the company and not provide an immediate financial return. However, think of the goodwill that was created by simply giving each worker sunglasses. Each person likely felt a little special that the company they work for gave them something above and beyond a paycheque. The glasses were absolutely useful, designed for the right demographic, and will pay dividends in the years to come.

What response would you get if you asked each person how they felt about company before or after receiving the sunglasses? Would they feel more or less positive towards the company brand? An improved feeling towards the brand is what the development company got by giving out these glasses. The company will receive other intangibles like a more loyal workforce and probably workers that now care just a little bit more about the work they’re doing.

Showing employees appreciation goes back to receiving theblue participation ribbon at your school on sports day. No matter how small the gesture, a little appreciation by way of a gift like sunglasses certainly creates positive feelings towards a brand.


Some examples below of sunglasses that have been done: