Why invest in our form of branding? Take the Smiley Guy shown below as an example. This little guy makes people smile. He is also very useful when you place him on your desk and let him hold your cell phone for you. My cell phone was always placed in a drawer, thrown on the desk, or I could never find it. Now, I place my phone on the smiley guy and every time I pick up the phone, I see the branding on the smiley guy’s belly. For whatever reason, this guy makes people smile and makes them feel good. It just so happens that when you feel good you’re also looking at our branding and that feel good feeling rubs off on how you feel about our company. It’s all about creating positive brand experiences.

You get constant and permanent impressions of your brand when you use branded promotional products. When you give someone one of your branded products, if it’s useful, people will use it and hold on to it. They subtly get exposed to your brand every time they use it.

When they pick up that pen, your branding is always there. It’s always ON. You don’t have to pay per use and your branding message is never missed or passed by. When you can get your brand into someone’s hand it becomes omnipresent in their daily life and you’ve now successfully branded your organization. This is what makes branded products such a very special form of brand marketing that is so unique to other media. It’s their usefulness, constant messaging, and permanency.