The definition of branding and what kind of branding being offered is like walking into a Baskin Robin’s ice cream store and seeing all the flavours laid out in front of you. The flavour of our branding is this. We help organizations leave a perpetual ‘mark’ and a constant reminder of their brand. Their brand includes the feeling one has towards the organization, its people, and the products and services it offers. The ‘mark’ seen is usually the organization’s logo but is also known as their brand.

Our unique form of branding is one where we apply your brand to a product that an organization then gives to people. This is an act of gift giving. The gift may be given to internal recipients, like employees to say thank you for a job well done or to motivate them in some way. It also can be externally given, to prospective customers to change their buying behaviour, or to existing customers to say thank you for your business.

The value of using our form of branding is that it’s like vanilla ice cream. Everyone likes it and everyone, when offered it, loves to get it. The amazing part is that people hold onto these branded products, use them often, and they see your branding. It’s repeatedly seeing your branding that makes your brand familiar, memorable, and likeable. When you get your brand to be familiar, memorable, and likeable, it makes people walk into that ice cream store and always reach for your flavour.

Notice the two examples here. An embroidered Carhartt jacket that gives prominent brand exposure to everyone who sees it. A gift blanket given out will be used in the home as a continual reminder of that brand.